Rieke Katz

Agiler Coach/ScrumMaster

Rieke Katz

Das sagt mein Emendare-Team über mich:

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Ich möchte Menschen davon begeistern Neues zu lernen und Veränderungen als Chance zu betrachten. Neben methodischer Kompetenz gehört auch ein gutes Gespür für die einzelnen Personen und ihre Herausforderungen dazu. Mit positiven Impulsen möchte ich aus mehreren einzelnen Personen ein Team bilden, dass zusammen noch mehr leisten kann. Nicht nur Strukturen und die Fokussierung auf das gleiche Ziel sondern auch das Schaffen von gegenseitigem Vertrauen sind mir dabei wichtig.

Meine Schwerpunkte 

  • Agile Coach/ScrumMaster in Teams
  • Personal Coaching
  • Agile Trainings und Schulungen
  • Workshops, Kick-Off & Teambuilding-Events

Dabei ist mir wichtig

  • wertschätzende Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe
  • ehrliches und zukunftsorientiertes Feedback
  • gemeinsames Ausprobieren motivieren
  • Fehler als Lernchance verstehen
  • Raum für die Einzigartigkeit jedes Einzelnen zu schaffen
  • und den Kunden in den Fokus rücken

“I had a privilege to work with Rieke side-by-side for almost a year and it was a great and productive time!
Rieke has a great mindset and attitude, her passion to foster continuous improvement in the teams is extraordinary.
To summarize that all in facts I say that Rieke has: great theoretical and practical knowledge about implementation of any Agile framework, she is great communicator and facilitator, flexible mindset allows her to help teams with different maturity level to adopt new frameworks and approaches, personal skills provide her with ability to be a great presenter doesn’t matter in small team meeting or whole company gathering, she is really passionate about driving positive changes in the company culture. On top of that – great team player with “we” instead of “me” perception on performance and delivery.

I hope our path will cross again so we can work with Rieke in the future.”

Anton Gedenach Head of Agile Coaches Körber Digital

“I had the pleasure of working with Rieke on two projects. She moderated the different Scrum meetings with a very good sensitivity, so that the benefit for the team was as maximum as possible. In particular, the retrospectives were diversified and highly appreciated by the team. When obstacles arose, Rieke proactively supported their removal and generally always tried to optimize internal processes in the team’s interest. What was particularly helpful for me as a product owner was that Rieke had a very good feeling for the current mood within the development team and communicated it so that we could react to problems together if necessary. If you are looking for a Scrum Master that not only enriches the team professionally and personally, but also improves it sustainably, I can warmly recommend Rieke to you.”

Tobias BauerProduct Owner bei Körber Digital

“With Rieke we had a Scrum Master in our team who made the invisible visible. She helped the development team to understand each other better and to remove obstacles as soon as they appeared. I really enjoyed working with her. She moderated the process so that it felt like being in a flow. She worked with an intercultural team of 6 nations and often not co-located. If you are looking for someone who keeps the team motivated and enriches the working culture with changing tools, she is the right person to talk to.”

Felix RaabProduct Lead Körber Digital

I was unsure this new team with disparate skill levels and SCRUM experience could achieve the new goals set by management. With Rieke’s support, we reached our development goals, and I am thankful for her leadership skills.

Like Clint Eastwood in “The Enforcer,” Rieke is clear, direct and fair. She confronted unproductive attitudes openly, objectively and immediately. She made sure the team stayed focused and factual and reduced the distraction and frustration that opinions and inexperience can foster. Even when team members became obstinate or rude, Rieke remained professional and calmly insisted on openness and respect.

Like Liam Nielsen in the “Taken” trilogy, Rieke is reliable and persistent. I really appreciated her tenacity and concentration. As soon as we deviated from the topic or departed from the process, she made use of her unique ability to combine charm with boldness and made sure we got back on track quickly. Although I was unavailable for a couple refinement and planning meetings, some of the most productive sprints were completed in my absence. Rieke does not forget anything and she reached out to me when she needed my input.

I highly recommend Rieke Katz as an Agile Coach and would be excited to work with her again.

Prof. Dr. Michael J. CaponeProduct Owner Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH

Lass uns gerne in einem Gespräch herausfinden, wie ich Euch helfen kann.

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